28 October 2020

2FA: Adding a Mandatory Layer of Security to Your Online Accounts

Two-factor authentication (2FA) should no longer be just an option. Consider making it mandatory to protect online accounts from hackers. Gone are the days when having a strong password was enough. You need back-up!

Why 2FA?

2FA is a great way to protect your business against ‘phishing’ attacks that target your account login credentials. Phishing is an attempt by hackers to obtain your most important data by disguising themselves as a site that you trust. These sites can look extremely real and even the savviest tech users can fall prey! In the chance you are mistaken and reveal your login information, 2FA could save you.

How does it work?

2FA adds a layer of account security by combining two or more authentication methods to make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your key accounts. These methods could include a code sent your phone, a code received via phone call, the use of a mobile app, a fingerprint, or a hardware key or token. Many sites and apps offer the option to setup 2FA now. Some methods are better than others with text messaging-based 2FA being the weakest. We suggest using other methods when available.

How to implement 2FA in an organization?

Adding 2FA for teams in an organization is much more complex than personal use. You’ll want to ensure it’s set up correctly so you don’t inadvertently get locked out of your accounts.

Within an organization, you’ll need:

  • Standardized software for onboarding and offboarding team members
  • Ability to integrate software with various services and applications
  • Backups of 2FA for when staff change phones
  • Option to manually bypass 2FA when needed
  • Ability to create access controls by geography

Most 2FA apps won’t have suitable features for organizations, but a few do. We recommend managing your accounts using a platform such as Duo. This application lets you gain secure access for any user and device from anywhere with a downloadable app on your phone.  When configured by IT, Duo provides a robust set of security controls for your organization.

As technology evolves, hackers get smarter as well. 2FA is key in keeping yourself cyber secure. Get peace-of-mind with this super easy to add layer of security.

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