28 October 2020

Developing a Cybersecurity Plan: Final Steps

As technology is advancing, hackers are becoming smarter as well. Even when you’ve done everything you can to protect you and your business from cyber threats, there may still be a slight risk. In those instances, it’s important to Respond quickly to minimize impact and build a plan on how you can Recover from any breaches.

Here are some final steps you can take for a complete cybersecurity plan just for your business.

How to Respond quickly:

  • Disconnect or shutdown any devices that have been impacted and notify your IT team/service provider immediately. Proper endpoint security can isolate a computer automatically if malicious behaviour is detected on a computer.
  • Review your previously written response plan on what to do when such a breach occurs
  • Ensure backup systems are safeguarded and isolated immediately, in case they weren’t previously
  • Notify personnel such as law enforcement, your legal team, service providers, insurance providers, etc.
  • Have processes in place that allow you to operate your business and access any important data if systems are down
  • Learn about local data breach laws

How to Recover from any breaches:

  • Working with professionals, including additional 3rd parties, ensure all systems are cleared of malicious software
  • Keep a record of any new learnings and update your cyber response plan
  • Implement new policies and procedures that help you improve
  • Communicate these new policies and procedures with your team
  • Be transparent and take steps to communicate with any external stakeholders that have been affected
  • Implement PR efforts to repair any business reputation damage
  • Continue to seek education opportunities and train employees as well as yourself

Are you ready to launch your cybersecurity plan into action? Request a free assessment and let our team help you #GetCyberSafe!


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