16 May 2023

Attending Kaseya’s Connect IT Global Conference in Las Vegas

What Were The Big Takeaways?

We recently had a number of our staff travel to Las Vegas for Kaseya’s largest North American event, Connect IT Global. With more than 5000 attendees, it’s a major event for the managed IT industry. Our team was very fortunate to attend and witness the exciting glimpse into the future of cyber security, automation, and AI – with two new acquisitions announced that will improve MSPs and IT departments. So, what were our big takeaways from this event?

Kaseya Connect Global – An Overview

Kaseya Connect Global is a highly anticipated event in the IT industry. This year’s event has gained more attention with Kaseya’s newest acquisitions of Vonahi Security and Audit for IT. These acquisitions have brought exciting new solutions to Kaseya’s already impressive lineup, which aims to boost the security offerings for their remote monitoring and management software. The theme of this year’s event was their “IT Complete Strategy” and a push for greater integration between their various products to increase efficiency. The ability to seamlessly integrate data and workflow between their multiple platforms has already been exciting for us to witness and take advantage of as an MSP. In addition to the IT Complete strategy, the two main topics that were prominently discussed that I would like to share with you were cybersecurity and AI and automation.

What The Two New Acquisitions Means for MSPs and IT Departments

Kaseya announced two of its newest cybersecurity-focused acquisitions, which can significantly impact how MSPs and IT departments operate. Vonahi Security offers an automated network pen testing platform, while Audit for IT provides easy-to-use audit and risk summary presentations to clients and IT leadership. For MSPs and IT teams currently using Kaseya’s tools, these new additions mean greater protection from threats and increased efficiency through automation. Additionally, as AI, automation and compliance solutions are integrated into their existing software, MSPs and IT departments will benefit from this robust tech stack to serve their clients efficiently and holistically. More details on the integrations are still to come, but Kaseya is confident in its commitment to helping MSPs and IT teams deliver seamless security solutions.

Cybersecurity and AI & Automation Focus of the Conference

The two main topics that were consistently referenced during Connect Global were cybersecurity and AI & automation.

1. Cybersecurity

As technology advances, cybersecurity remains a top priority for MSPs and IT departments. At Global Connect, discussions about cybersecurity went beyond the basics of “setting up MFA,’ and “which EDR is the best.” Instead, the conversation shifted towards more complex topics like compliance, frameworks, insurance, and risk management. It’s important to recognize that organizations must go beyond the surface-level cybersecurity measures and implement a comprehensive approach that aligns with industry compliance regulations and overall risk management strategies. This change in conversation is an example of the growing understanding that cybersecurity is far more complex and needed for proactive measures to protect against cyber threats.

2. AI & Automation

In today’s technology landscape, many industries have begun turning to AI and automation to help streamline operations and reduce time spent on tasks. During Connect, discussions were brought up around what this means for MSPs and what are the best practices. First, MSPs need to adapt to this change and embrace new technologies to help their organizations improve existing offerings and bring new solutions to their clients. AI and automation can actually increase MSP’s efficiency when it comes to service desk operations which, in turn, results in a better customer experience. Secondly, by leveraging AI and automation tools, MSPs or IT departments can deliver services faster while also building standardization that reduces or removes human errors. This is a rapidly evolving landscape with new capabilities coming online each month. It’s incumbent on MSP and IT teams to be aware of their possibilities with these new technologies.

In The End

Overall, the conference was a great success as it provided us, as well as many others who attended, valuable insight into cybersecurity and AI & automation’s role in helping MSPs succeed. The two new acquisitions were widely popular among the audience. The event also provided us with the opportunity to network and brainstorm ideas to better understand what can make MSPs succeed. Of course, a keynote by the immensely talented Jason Alexander of Seinfeld doesn’t hurt either. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!