2 March 2016



Abbotsford Hospice Society (AHS) was struggling with aging infrastructure and, as is true of many non-profits, budgets were tight. They did not have predictable IT costs. Furthermore, there was little consulation with the organization about long term IT plans. This resulted in dated solutions which were costing the organization in significant productivity loss.

Abbotsford Hospice Society is a non-profit organization offering compassionate support for those who are in the last stages of life. They provide a community of support and services to patients and families during this most difficult stage in life.

Challenges before Red Rhino:

AHS’s goals, when beginning with Red Rhino, were to modernize their approach to technology. They needed to upgrade their aging IT infrastructure so they could reduce the time spent struggling with outdated systems. They also needed a reliable way to help employees and volunteers communicate. Additionally, as a non-profit, this all needed to be sensitive to budget concerns. With an upcoming office move planned it was time for AHS to upgrade.

Aging infrastructure –

Loss of productivity and frustration with old systems was a serious problem. Employees and volunteers alike were spending increasing amounts of time dealing with slow and unreliable computers.

Outdated email solution –

AHS’s email setup was untrustworthy and didn’t allow them the flexibilty of a modern solution. They faced challenges adding or removing individuals from the email system and accessing emails remotely, all of which is difficult for an organization with a large number of volunteers.

Addressing these challenges:

We worked with AHS to find new approaches to their technology needs. Firstly, upgrades to AHS’s computer hardware resulted in the obvious productivity gains that come with new equipment. AHS went from IT slowdowns and frustrations in their daily routine to fast and reliable new systems. Significantly, AHS saved over $20,000.00 in costs as we were able to negotiate donations & non-profit rates for all of the new equipment.
Additionally, AHS was moved to a cloud solution for their email. They were perfectly poised to leverage the benefits of a cloud solution. It provides the scalability and flexibilty they needed. This meant they could easily access communications while out of the office, perfect for modern work environments, while still having full control over who could access emails. We were also able to negotiate donations & non-profit rates for the new email solution.

We also consulted with mutiple layers of the organization and planned for AHS’s future IT goals. This allows the organziation to predict costs and upgrades when necessary. This means there are no surprise costs that create budget challenges. The increase reliability and productivity means they can use their resources to deliver the services that make them such a great organization.

During the transition, Gaëtan Royer – Executive Director of AHS, sent an email to AHS supporters about our work:

Recently, Red Rhino told us our email server needed replacement. Instead of selling us a new server, they helped us move to a no-cost option that will be easier to bring with us to the new Holmberg House. Transition to our new email system was smooth and effortless. Next, Red Rhino will be helping us with our file server and other upgrades. We encourage you to support a highly ethical and generous company.

About Red Rhino

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