23 October 2020

Password 101: A Guide to Creating the Perfect One

If your business has been neglecting password best practices, then your data is at high risk of being hacked. In fact, chances are your company passwords are already available on the dark web!

Here are 5 do’s and don’ts to beat the hackers:

1. Choose a long password.

Longer the better! Lengthy passwords are harder to crack. We suggest a minimum of 8 characters, but 12 characters are ideal.

2. Don’t be predictable.

Avoid easy to guess words like ‘password’ or characters such as ‘123’ and ‘!’.

3. Be random.

Pair up random, but easy to remember words. For example: “chihauhua-happy-tomorrow”. Try DinoPass. It’s a fun password generator created for kids, but good enough for adults!

4. Don’t use the same password twice.

We can’t stress this one enough! Escape being easy prey for hackers. Create a password that’s unique to each account.

5. Use a password manager.

Password managers store passwords in an encrypted database. You can generate and store multiple passwords so you don’t have to remember them all. They’re also a great way to securely share passwords amongst your team. We recommend using either 1Password or LastPass for businesses along with appropriate security policies and configuration of password managers. If you’re still unsure, speak to us to learn what’s best for you!

Implement a password policy and protect your business. With more and more data being stored online, it’s super important that you make cybersecurity a priority.

Don’t know where to start? Ask us to run a dark web scan for your organization to check how many of your passwords have been compromised.  Keep following for more tips on how to Get Cyber Safe.

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